Visiting the rabbit

Platforms: ios

Technologies used: art

Learn, play and get rewarded — collect shining stars, make ice-cream and have fun!

Let your kid learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes by playing with a cute blue bunny whose house is full of interesting things — enjoy exploring them together!

12 educational mini-games help your kid learn letters and words, numbers, shapes and colors, matching objects, spotting differences and comparing sizes and quantity.

A sweet treat — make an ice-cream for the blue bunny, he’ll enjoy it, you’ll see!

Incessant game session — the gameplay is not separated in levels, the mini-games form a continuous flow. When a game is completed, a star is granted. Encourage your kid to play, learn and collect more stars!

Professional voiceover and nice soundtrack.

“For Parents” page allows to choose among the mini-games — useful, if you want to pay attention to some specific things like counting or color recognition.


1. IDENTIFY COLORS. Tap on the objects of a certain color.

2. SORT BY SIZE. Learn the difference among sizes.

3. IDENTIFY LETTER. Help the rabbit find the objects whose names start with a certain letter.

4. COMPARE GROUPS. Compare the quantity of objects in the groups.

5. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Be attentive, there are slight differences among the objects, catch them!

6. MATCH FLASHCARDS. Train your memory by finding hidden pairs.

7. COUNT OBJECTS. Learn counting from 1 to 10, watch the numbers appear as you count and listen to them being pronounced.

8. RECOGNIZE SHAPES. Learn what shapes are diamond, circle, triangle, square, etc.

9. PUZZLE. Move parts so that they form an entire object. Learn patterns and matching.

10. MATCHING WORD AND PICTURE. Listen to the word pronounced, see how it’s written and find the relevant picture for it.

11. GUESS THE OBJECT BY ITS PART. Something's hidden behind the window. Guess, what it is.

12. COLOR THE OBJECT. Take a brush and color the things the way you like.